Rural Digital Opportunity Fund

RDOF – Bridging together the Digital Divide in Rural and Sub-urban Areas in USA

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recognizing the large digital "flaw" in rural USA has proposed the establishment of a federal funding program called the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF). Offering at least $20.4 billion over a ten-year period FCC will support more than 20 million households and small businesses that lack high-speed broadband networks. The program is planned for implementation upon expiration of the Connect America Fund phase II (CAF-2) program in 2021, thus RDOF is also informally known as CAF-3.

Location Eligibility

Areas that are considered eligible are those that completely lack access to adequate broadband service, which is defined by the FCC as 25 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream (25/3). Based on this, FCC has deemed almost 6 million locations eligible for Phase I of the RDOF auction. Learn more about the eligible areas here.


This once in a generation program will be carried out in two phases.

Phase I

Phase I will provide $16 billion so as to support rural homes and businesses that are wholly unserved and is planned to be completed by the end of the year.

What is included?

  • Initial strategic meeting & discussion
  • Feasibility study, including a complete business plan
  • Strategic development, including a thorough plan for each member cooperative complete with tailored & competitive bid strategies
  • RDOF informational webinars every month
  • RDOF white papers, FCC actions & rulings, key auction details, and insights into RDOF strategies
  • Eligible Areas Maps
  • Monthly action item updates and benchmarks

Phase II

Phase II, will provide $4.4 billion (plus the remaining Phase I budget) aiming at encouraging those areas that are partially served, as well as any areas that have not won in Phase I.

What is included?

  • Phase II members will have full access to all consortium expertise from strategic planning up to the auction, award, and long-form application processes.

You can view the FCC RDOF Fact Sheet and Guidelines by clicking here

Intracom Telecom Solutions for RDOF

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Network Lifecycle Management

Broadband Buildout Requirements

The RDOF program carries build out requirements over a six-year period. Let's simplify it:

  • By the 3rd year recipients are requires to commercially offer voice & broadband service to 40% of the FCC calculated number of locations in a state following funding authorization
  • 20% for each year thereafter
  • By the 6th year there should be 100% completion

The service provider may have more time to build out in the special occasion where the actual locations greatly surpass the FCC model.

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