Network Deployment

State-of-the-art Results!

Today, wireline network operators search for advanced turnkey network solutions to enhance service creation and delivery, accelerate time-to-market of new services and optimize the cost of ownership.

When it comes to designing and implementing new systems, operators demand a successful deployment in terms of completion time, cost and quality. In particular, they expect a smooth installation and a successful delivery of new functionality that by no means disrupts the running of network operations.

With a vast, multi-year expertise, an impressive track record of network deployments and in-depth understanding of the most recent technologies, INTRACOM TELECOM has the capabilities to build scalable, available and flexible converged telecom infrastructures aiming at edge services delivery.

Each deployment project is assigned a dedicated network rollout team of suitably-qualified and highly-experienced engineers. This team is responsible to provide a wide range of design & implementation services under a PMI-compliant Project Management methodology and Quality Management procedures. The objective is to realize a network solution that will meet the customer's expectations for milestones and performance.


  • Network up and running on time and within budget.
  • Accelerated time-to-market for new services.
  • Optimized network performance and reliability.
  • Ensured integration & interworking of the new network with existing infrastructure.

NTRACOM TELECOM is delivering high-quality network deployment services for more than a third of a century, being an approved partner for major telcos around the globe. The company offers:

  • Long expertise in turnkey network design & implementation.
  • Multi-technology qualified and multi-vendor certified engineering force.
  • PMI-certified project managers with experience in complex network rollouts.
  • Excellent references of large-scale network deployments worldwide.
  • Strong regional presence in over fifteen countries of EMEA.

The Network Deployment Services from INTRACOM TELECOM aim at telcos and corporations, among others:

  • International carriers & incumbent operators.
  • Network service providers.
  • Mobile operators.
  • International corporations.
  • Utility companies & major enterprises.