Security, Risk & Compliance

Since Banks need to identify, analyze, and respond to potential fraud in real-time, and customers are increasingly moving towards mobile-based access & transactions and they demand fast, easy access to financial services (across all channels & devices), the need for better risk management is even more intense. Also legislative environment requirements are complex, continually demanding and challenging, driving the need to keep pace with regulations.

Intracom Telecom’s proposition to this challenge is focusing on the following pillars:

Identification & Authentication

Via a digital authentication & authorization solution complying with Strong Customer Authentication mandates (PSD2 compliant), offering multi factor authentication & authorization of transactions and helping the Bank achieve low fraud rate and better customer experience. Portfolio also includes all e-trust services for digital identification (remote customer identification and verification).

Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Intracom Telecom offers an integrated suite of software products designed for financial services industry to meet the compliance requirements and adhere to the principles of anti-money laundering control (AML), due diligence (KYC) and actively prevent any activities aiming at the facilitation of money laundering process.

Financial Crime Management - Anti-Money Laundering

Via a solution that helps Bank streamline processes to fight fraud, maintain compliance with AML & Sanctions rules, control and monitor money transfers, capital and client’s behavior and protect their business.


Via a real-time risk profiling technology that protects Banks against cybercriminals. A next generation 360o Threat & Fraud detection and prevention solution, based on data analytics, targeting online and mobile banking, transaction systems and sensitive applications.

Customer Identification & Authentication

Remote Identification services adapt to any security and risk level of each organization. Solution offers the following features and security levels:

  • Accurate Images matching: algorithm automatically detects when graphic features in the document’s security measures are missing or type document does not match as expected
  • Front-Back Verification: algorithm automatically rejects identification processes if the front and back are not from the same document.
  • Data extraction (OCR), Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) Integrity Verification, Age & Expiration Check: algorithm automatically rejects documents that have been expired or if the person is underage
  • Hologram Detection: detects optically variable security measures like holograms present in the ID Document
  • Environment Quality Control: algorithm detects external variables (like light conditions, camera and network quality) when process is going on
  • Liveness Detection: verifies that the person is alive during the ID process
  • Face Biometric scoring: performs an automatic biometric scoring between customer’s face & ID card photograph
  • Random Code Control (Captcha): Customizable security measure that requires the user to introduce a random code

Video Identification: Automatic, real time identification process is possible, thanks to video technology and the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm. Video identification is a verification method by video in real time, which constitutes a key element for the compliance of eIDAS regulation and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulation. The process includes:

  • Text and voice guidance to the user provided in multiple languages
  • Automatic control of environment elements (network, camera quality conditions, illumination) which enables an optional record of the identification video and evidences
  • Images comparison with original documents through pattern machine technology to verify the document authenticity
  • Data extraction (OCR) of document MRZ, that captures and extracts information in real time, improving security and user experience
  • Verification that front and back of document (where applicable) are from the same document
  • Biometric registry of person and comparison in real time with identity document image
  • Registration authority application for human review by an agent who communicates with the user to onboard

The technology used is Universal: works on any device with a camera and internet connection. Detects and verifies any document in 153 countries.

Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

A fully-fledged AML solution. Suite has a modular approach covering the following key-areas:

  • Transaction Analysis: Detects, analyzes, and reports suspicious transaction activity that may be present utilizing powerful rules engine and customer profiling techniques. Solutions offers:
    • Auto-detection of suspicious activity (based on profile variances & rules configuration)
    • Individual Customer & Country Profiling
    • Rules Management tools
    • Case Management, investigation & review
    • Automated SAR Reporting capabilities
    • Query & graphical Analytics Tools
    • Dashboards
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): Enhanced due diligence for KYC & Customer Identification Program (CIP). Solution offers:
    • Customer Automatic Profile Risk Rating
    • Ongoing Risk Review
    • Customer Onboarding and acceptance
    • Risk ranking based on default or customer defined risk models and pre-defined data elements
    • Risk scoring
    • Automated update of core back end systems’ customer risk ranking
  • Customer Filtering: Detection of ‘sanctioned parties’ and terrorists on a global basis to meet related regulation mandates. Solution offers:
    • Customer Names Filtering against specially designated nationals (SDN) Lists
    • CIF filtering
    • Real time interfaces for Names Filtering
    • Customers – Transfers – Wire Transfers filtering against sanctioned party list
    • Automated List Updates (batch or real time) – content and/or format changes
    • Integration of Compliance Databank subscriptions (i.e. FATF, FRAUD, PEP)
    • Real-Time OFAC Filtering capability from 3rd party applications
  • Reporting: A tool designed to comply with the requests for information from regulatory and legal entities. Module tracks not only the requests but also their responses. Solutions offers:
    • Comprehensive search and reporting of customers, accounts and transactions
    • Regulatory Compliance Report (CTR)
    • Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)
    • Special Suspicious Activity Report (SSAR) to Local Central Bank
    • Activity Report (AR)
    • Generation of output file to be delivered to the requestor
    • Historical archive & locked storage of searches & reports, for audit purposes
  • Training Reporter: Enables organizations to effectively manage AML staff training & educational activities, as per most AML regulations mandate.

Risk & Fraud Management

A fully-fledged Risk Management solution, that:

  • Offers real time - 360o Threat & Fraud detection and prevention
  • Delivers a complete set of detection and protection techniques for securing client access and transactions, like:
    • Phishing detection - detects when a false log-in page has been created with the intent to deceive users, while also showing which users have been compromised
    • Malware detection - checks known signatures and adds additional techniques such as automated connections detection and overlay
    • Account takeover and session stealing detection - on top of relying on device reputation, solution checks more than 200 parameters including biometric characteristics, mouse and keyboard usage behavior to distinguish legitimate users from attackers
    • Transaction monitoring - solution is able to detect fraudulent transactions by analyzing hundreds of transaction parameters while securing customer data
  • Is composed by 3 engines:
    • Behavior Engine - Creates user’s behavioral profile
    • Anomaly Engine - Monitors transaction’s details (via Machine learning methods to identify anomalous sessions and transactions)
    • Threat Engine - Detects generic threads & tracks device IDs