Connected Site diagramm

uni|MS™ Connected Site is an IoT management solution for Telecom Buildings & Remote Site Infrastructure, offering excellent and timely reports to monitor energy consumption and the quality of main and backup power systems (grid, batteries, and generators).

At the same time, you enjoy increased infrastructure reliability, through scheduled and automatic maintenance procedures, while you can constantly monitor the security of your sites as well as the local environmental conditions.

This solution typically consists of a cloud-based deployment of uni|MS™, together with locally-installed demand / response controllers, energy measuring devices and various types of sensors. Controllers, energy meters and sensors can be provided as parts of a turn-key project, together with the required specialized services. All supplied equipment is of high quality and industrial grade but also highly compact and expandable.

Market-Leading Features for Telecom Site Infrastructure Management

  • Scalable to monitor up to 40,000 remote sites from a single server instance
  • Expandable to manage other technology domains
  • Unified to monitor all equipment from a single pane of glass
  • Reliable with high-availability cluster architecture
  • Easy integration with other monitoring systems

Investment Protection

  • Uninterrupted Monitoring of:
    • Temperature, for early detection of malfunctioning air-conditioning units
    • Humidity level, for avoidance of corrosion
    • Static electricity build-up and detection of smoke, for improved safety

Physical Security Enforcement

  • Reliable monitoring of doors, motion detectors and cameras (CCTV) coupled with fine-grained access control policies for damage prevention.

Increased Lifetime of Batteries

  • Remote and scheduled maintenance of battery cells to improve their reliability and prolong their lifetime

Avoidance of Power Generator Malfunctioning

  • Improved efficiency and operational cost of power generators through automatic and continuous monitor

Increased Backup Power Reliability

  • Improved reliance on power provided by generators and minimized fuel theft through fuel tank monitoring.