Network Management. Redefined.

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The uni|MS™ Unified Management Suite serves the concept of simple and unified management for networks, infrastructure and systems. uni|MS™, already trusted by Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Public Safety Organizations and Utilities Companies around the world, automates management and monitoring tasks to eliminate error-prone and time-consuming manual efforts. Everything is included in one simple installation and no complex setup is required.

With uni|MS™, operators are proactively informed about degrading of the network conditions and are able to avoid service-affecting problems.

Key features of uni|MS™ include:

  • Illustrative visualization that boosts user experience
  • Unified management that simplifies operations
  • Unique Self-Organizing Network (SON) capabilities
  • Web-based architecture for access from anywhere
  • Scalability for managing unlimited number of NEs
  • Out-of-the-box setup that allows installation in less than 20 min
  • Ever-expanding feature set feasible through modules
  • Flexible architecture supporting current and SDN-based networks